In the paranormal sense, a spirit is portrayed as being a:

  1. Ghost.
  2. Deity.  
  3. Demon in an incorporeal form.

Spirits have been an interest of many people ever since people began to be interested in what happens after we die. Some people do stay in the world of the living as spirits, or ghost (phantoms, poltergeist,ect.), haunting areas that are known to be an area close to them that they cannot let go of, for reason of birth, love, or other unknown reason. Some Spirits are known to move around between many places.

Other Spirits move around for they never got the chance to live. These are the more playful ones, the ones pulling at you clothes and hair and times, and move your books and toys. They never got a chance to enjoy the things we have now and like other kids, are very curious in a variety of things. They can vary in age from two through about thirteen.

The other spirits are very dangerous, for they don't leave because of all the hatred they have and feel like there is unfinished business for them here. A variety of things could of happened to a spirit like this, or as they are more frequently called, demons, such as rape, murder, or a rude family member. They do not leave until they feel they have done enough damage to this person they have targeted, if that is just a few scares, or even the death of that person, or someone close to them.

The worst of these is a mixture of the two, where the kid is angry at someone for something. That something could be as simple as someone taking their stuffed animal to family divorce or any number of things. They are available of more dangerous things because their minds are more open to more ideas, because children are more open-minded than most of the adults.

Poltergeists can be very dangerous as well, for they will injure for laughs,whether it be others laughs, or their own. They do not care who it is, or if they know the person. They can do many things, such as throw pots, light houses on fire, and even ruin flower gardens. They will do anything to make you upset because it makes them feel better. Sometimes Poltergeists will work for other spirits, so that the other spirits are satisfied with knowing the job will be done and move on earlier. Some take this as relief, which is not a good thing. If anything, a poltergeist is even more open-minded than a child, which can lead to many worse things happening.