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Welcome to The Paranormal Side Wiki
====Rosa Gemma et Micahel relicta triumvir creatus coloniam deduxit. ♥====

Recent Activities

  • edit User:Sarrahh55
    edited by Sarrahh55 diff
    Summary: Why is this a thing?!
  • edit User:Kitten2197
    edited by Kitten2197 diff
  • edit Ghost
    edited by Kitten2197 diff
  • discussion page Yo
    comment by Sarrahh55


    Yo are you still gonna be here or not? Me and Kitten are taking it up again... slowely and I want to know if your still a part of it.  

  • new page Ghost
    created by Kitten2197
    New page: A ghost (sometimes known as a spectre [British English] or specter [American English], phantom,apparition, spirit, spook, or haunt) is...

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  • discussion page Kitten
    comment by Kitten2197


    Hey I need to talk to you about something. aka about Paranormal side so wanna chat sometime later?  



    Yeah, we really should probably talk. 

  • edit Sirens
    edited by Sarrahh55 diff
    Summary: Changes.
  • edit Spirits
    edited by Sarrahh55 diff
    Summary: Spelling, grammar, etc changes.
  • discussion page Talk:Werewolf
    new comment by Sarrahh55
    Comment: But we need to update things. Make them better. Right?
  • discussion page Talk:Werewolf
    new comment by Michael.barton
    Comment: This is my favorite page.

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