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    Well, with everyone gone, I figured i would write what i think about you people (since it wont be seen by most)

    I'll start with Listing people in order from who i like the most to least

    1. Mike

    2. Sarah

    3 Cherry-Cola 

    4. Jas 

    5. Head

    6. Wind

    7 Zachary



    10. HG

    Why I put you all in this order-

    I put Mike as one, because of many reasons, he has helped me alot

    Sarah was second because she knows how to cheer me up and is ALWAYS there for me.

    Cherry-Cola is third because she is SOOOOOOOO awesome to win that postion

    Jas is fourth because he may not be friends with you all, but he is supar awesomee. ;D

    I had a hard time choosing who to put in fifth and sixth. Head and Wind both weren't really high on my list, because all the rules and everything. and then a…

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