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  • TheOneUpper

    Yo! I know this is like my 1 millionth blog but this shows some serious bidness. This wiki is going DOWNHILL!!!!! And luckily for you people i have an idear. (pronounced: Eye. Dee. Er)

    Here it is:

    Day Person/User Job Notes
    Mon. The person/user in charge of one task The task the user needs to do notesonactivity or inactivity






    Its just an example/rough draft.

    Here is an example of it filled out:

    Day Person/User Job Notes
    Mon. Hg Page adding and get rid of errors on other pages Can only work every other week
    Tues. Head Page adding and get rid of spam IDK
    Wed. Wind Page adding IDK
    Thurs. Jasper Advertisement of wiki/recruitment IDK
    Fri. Rosa Same as Jasper's IDK
    Sat. Speedy Spam/Error ridder IDK
    Sun. Whoever is on Anything else/e…

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  • TheOneUpper

    Should I Leave?

    May 8, 2012 by TheOneUpper

    Ok I'm like really stressed right now, but here it's just not cool. I mean when has there been a time where we all got along? NEVER! Zack, i dont even know if hes still banned and im not gonna check because even if he was he is gonna be unbanned in like a week because someone just:"cant see him be blocked like that" anyway... This wiki is supposed to be like a family, and if this is supposed to be a family im disowning all of you! because seriously, this is the CRAPPIEST family ever. Sooooooo i MIGHT leave. Unless we can make some progress here im DONE. I mean we have been spending more time on Xat then we do hear or anywhere else.

    Now if i do leave here are some things i wanna say:

    You are really cool... You are nice, and stuff... (couldnt …

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