Yo! I know this is like my 1 millionth blog but this shows some serious bidness. This wiki is going DOWNHILL!!!!! And luckily for you people i have an idear. (pronounced: Eye. Dee. Er)

Here it is:

Day Person/User Job Notes
Mon. The person/user in charge of one task The task the user needs to do notesonactivity or inactivity

Its just an example/rough draft.

Here is an example of it filled out:

Day Person/User Job Notes
Mon. Hg Page adding and get rid of errors on other pages Can only work every other week
Tues. Head Page adding and get rid of spam IDK
Wed. Wind Page adding IDK
Thurs. Jasper Advertisement of wiki/recruitment IDK
Fri. Rosa Same as Jasper's IDK
Sat. Speedy Spam/Error ridder IDK
Sun. Whoever is on Anything else/extra work IDK

Like i said just a suggestion. And if we do do this it will be modified. We all need to contribute here!!!!!!

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