An innaccurate picture of a vampire.

Vampires are beings that resemble humans are said to be pale, and their body heat is non-existent.They consume blood (human blood is preferred, although animal is acceptable as well). Vampires are usually created by a vampire biting a human, then feeding them some of their blood. However, Vampires are also born. Despite Vampire folktales, Vampires do NOT do any of the following:
  1. Sleep in coffins
  2. Come out only at night (but do find sunlight uncomfortable)
  3. Turn into bats or fly
  4. (as in the Twilight Saga) Sparkle.
  5. Need soil from their grave for powers
  6. Burn in sunlight
  7. Affected by religious items such as crucifixes
  8. cross running water

Vampires are said to be undead, though some people think they are alive but aren't exactly human, although no one knows for sure. Some Vampires live in covens as a family of sorts, others live regular lives as any regular human. Vampires are hunted by Vampire hunters for religious reasons, revenge, or just for bounty. Vampires CANNOT be harmed by holy water, crosses, the bible, or any religious or sacred items. Attempting to "slay" a Vampire with such things would be useless and dangerous. As to why anyone would want to slay a Vampire, they are as civilized as humans, so why attempt to kill them?

As to what makes someone a Vampire, some say they may have a metabolism disorder called Porphyric Hemophilia , that doesn't allow them to make red blood cells and have little to no blood circulation, therefore, they must drink blood. Others call Vampirism a curse, saying that only religious faith can kill one.

If you are one who would want to be a Vampire:

 you'd have to find one. That could be quite difficult to do, for it is rather difficult for the untrained eye to know who is and who isn't a Vampire.