This is a woodcut of werewolf.

Werewolf (werewolves plural) or lykánthro̱pous in the Greek language were first talked about in old Roman myths. The creation of a werewolf is not as complex as you may think. Werewolves are made three ways, the first being a bite to the neck or side. This happens most often, and usually results in an imperfect quadruped shift, showing some part of the human form into the wolf at the time, but there have been other cases of wolfish heritage. Some are a normal mortal being raised with wolfish traits, this can change the body and force a more human like transformation with less wolf blood, and more mortal like features, but a less controllable shift into the wolfish state we prefer to call our true forms. The third is the least likely, and rarest kind. This is said to be related to one of the first werewolves who walked this Earth during the times of Rome. This trait causes a full shift, a shift rules out all human blood, and is extremely painful. The pain is sometimes worth while, causing a huge jump in speed and other abilities, but this shift also causes the werewolf to become a full quadruped wolf. Werewolves will not form packs or groups unless a strict bond has been formed and there is a sense of trust and order between them.

Traits of a 'new born' werewolf

  • New found hearing or sight abilties; the newly bitten werewolf will take affect after the wolfish traits set in
  • No need for sleep, for long amounts of time, if regular hunting takes place
  • A stronger sense of smell; this will set in two to three hours after the bite has set in
  • Craving for fresh meat and blood (see Vampire page for double check on breed)