This is a pentagram. It represents the Earth and it's four elements: Earth, air, water, fire, in addition to the spirit.

A Witch is someone who is credited with malignant supernatural powers of some kind (usually a woman, though males practice Witchcraft as well), and Witchcraft is a practice in the Pagan religion know as Wicca. Witches have a history for being considered evil, and have been hunted in moral panics, or "witch hunts" and murdered for praticing Witchraft.

Witchcraft In HistoryEdit

A witch is one who practices Witchcraft. Witchcraft has been around for a very long time, and was (and still is) practiced to influence the early gods and goddesses that humans once believed in. Those who practiced Witchcraft were seen as healers who had the power to help and harm. Eventually, many began to fear witches. By the time the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches were a big enfluence, those who practiced witchcraft were seen as Devil worshippers and were consider evil. Because of this, many witches lived well away from society ( or well integrated into it ). Ever since the Church has been around in Europe, witches and Witchcraft have been seen as a "force of evil", or heretics that needed to be wiped out. As late as the early 1800s, people have been accused of being a witch and were killed.

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